Lemuel B

I just want to tell you that I have been successful in securing a full time job as an Office Manager (All rounder) in a government funded employment services agency. I received the job offer today and I will be starting on the 7th of December in their Clarkson site. I am really excited about this job opportunity as I was just been referred for the position by my employment consultant meaning the job wasn’t really posted on seek or other job website. On the job description I will be doing administration, accounting and reception duties.

I really thank Platinum Accounting for everything that I learnt in my 2 1/2 month stay in the firm, I have joined the Level 1 and Level 2 training with the intention of broadening my scope (be equipped not just in public practice but also in commercial accounting), get back to the accounting scene (as I ended my last accounting job 11 months ago) and enhance my skills primarily in financial management and analysis. I also thank my junior assistant accountant for sharing their experiences in job hunting as with them I have drawn my motivation to go on despite a number of rejections.

Maybe its also beneficial to mention some of the questions that was asked during my interview:

1.) How would you handle a difficult client?
2.) How do you handle multiple work load and manage your time?
3.) Can you give us example of how you demonstrate the value of confidentiality.
4.) What is your biggest weakness and how do you handle it?
5.) Can you give us an example on how you handle a workplace dispute

I hope everyone keeps their head up and don’t be downhearted with any rejection they may have encountered. Turn all negativity into positive and learn something out of the experience. Try to look for things that went wrong, be open to suggestions and improve yourself. I definitely benefited from the resume revision you provided for me and the interview pointers mentioned.

I hope other interns get inspired with my success story and I will definitely miss everyone in the firm.

Richard W

Just keeping you updated that I got offered an Accountant role in the commercial sector. I commence next week. I just want to say thanks for the internship program and your support to help not only to me but to all interns. I also like to thank the whole team at Platinum for providing a reference check as well. It really helped me out. The internship experience was great for me to further develop my knowledge and skills with accounting in the real world and understanding the month-end process.

Tips to the job hunters out there,

Remember what you’re applying for and meet their key requirements that are listed on the job ad. Do some research about their company and why do you think you’re best suited for the role.

The ads will list the type of person that suits the role for example, “high achievers, thirst for knowledge and passion to succeed. Someone who is self motivated and an eye for detail.” Knowing your advertisement is crucial to remember when going into the interview.

When going into the interview they will likely ask questions based on ad.

The questions interviewers asked me:

1. What do you know about our company?
2. Tell me about yourself.
3. What was your experience like and your responsibilities at Platinum Accounting?
4. Relating to the month-end, how did you deal with completing deadlines?
5. Did you experience any conflicts, if so how did you deal with it?
6. Are you able to work and adapt to changes in a working environment?
7. What are your salary expectations?
8. DO you have any questions for us?

Remember to be well prepared. Don’t get discouraged if you get denied. Usually when you get a call for an interview, you know you’re shortlisted from 50 applicants to usually 3. So keep your head high and stay positive and an offer will come around.

Again, thanks for everything and for staying in touch with me. I want to thank everyone who I’ve met and have supported and nurtured me at Platinum Accounting. It was worth the time and for the experience which will continue to develop further down my career path.

Warm regards,

Aaron T

Please be informed that I have successfully secured an offer from a profile firm for an Senior Auditor role. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the assistance given to me during the Internship program. Special thanks to the whole team for your positive feedback during the reference check.

As requested, please find below some of my relevant interview questions:

1. What can you offer to the firm
2. What are the challenges you face in your previous job and how do you solve it
3. How do you deal with difficult clients
4. Describe the process involved in audit planning
5. How do you manage multiple datelines
6. What is your definition of success
7. What makes a good team player
8. How do you manage disagreements with your superiors
9. What do you do outside of work
10. How do you manage stress

I wish your firm and the team all the best in your future endeavors.

Best regards