Accounting Services

Coco Hou is the Managing Partner of Platinum Accounting Services, one of the leading accounting services in Australia which specialises in working with those who hold Significant Investor Visas (SIVs) and Premium Investor Visas (PIVs). In addition, Platinum Accounting Services also provides a broad range of accounting and taxation services for individuals and businesses.

As a SIV or PIV holder, it is essential that you receive specialised accounting expertise. Receiving the wrong advice or support can lead to an inefficient tax situation which could mean you are paying more tax than required. The wrong tax advice for your SIV and PIV situation could cost you your wealth in Australia, or even your migration application.

Ideally your business should be structured efficiently so that risk is reduced and your tax situation is maximised. For SIV and PIV holders, you should have a specialist who understands how to maximise your situation that applies to temporary visa holders and foreign tax residents.

At Platinum Accounting Services we offer a broad range of services:

· Tax and accounting advice to a portfolio of clients including not for profits, small to medium enterprises, family groups and fast-growing dynamic companies across five branches
· Compliance and business advisory services to clients including financial statements, income tax returns and FBT returns
· Full scope of client engagements including regular client contact and attending client presentations and meetings with senior leaders
· Specialised services for SIV and PIV holders
· Comprehensive tax planning services to clients at year end
· Preparation of tax returns for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts and SMSFs
· Preparation of year end financial accounts for all entity types
· Provision of advise to clients on using MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks and various cloud based systems
· Preparation of monthly and quarterly BAS/IAS
· Liaison with the ATO, OSR, ASIC and other institutions

I am the Partner of Platinum Accounting Australia, a CPA Public Practice and Registered Tax Agent. I specialise in corporate tax compliance and SIV/PIV accounting.

For advice on corporate tax or SIV/PIV matters, email me at: